Sometimes I like to think of Windsock man as an old friend. When he sees me coming, he can’t stand the excitement – so he dances uncontrollably.

For us humans, our windsock nature begins very early. When babies get excited their arms and legs bounce uncontrollably. The energy – the feelings – find their way all the way out through their toes. Play peek-a-boo with them – and again – crazy arms and legs. Their bodies are doing the happy dance. No need to think about it – no learning necessary. 

Our feelings are anchored in our bodies. We can watch someone walking down the street and have some indication of what they are feeling. Have you ever been stomping mad? We express ourselves – even unconsciously – through movement. 

I also feel an affinity for the Michelin man – but let’s not go there.

Check out these ideas for discussing dance with your child:

I Like You Dance

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