Who knew? Dance is Like Glue!

Who knew?  Dance is Like Glue!
There is growing evidence that when individuals come together and move together, they actually feel closer to one another. Barriers fall. This book introduces children to the concepts of dance and movement as a form of expression and connection. Excerpt Have you ever seen a windsock man? All his parts move as air finds its way all the way through his body. Guess what? You are like a windsock man too. Only instead of AIR moving through you, it’s your feelings finding their way through! Our bodies and our feelings work together. About the Author Susan Adam was born in Bath, Maine. After studying art and education in college, she moved to New York City for a career in Organization Development, focusing particularly on culture change. She supported the launch of the innovative Blue School in both teaching and school administration roles. Susan has long had a dream of bringing art to life for all children.