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How to Disagree With a Friend

How to Disagree With a Friend

If you notice that your child is experiencing distance or tension from a once-favored friend, you can support – from the side. If they are uncomfortable sharing what the problem is, you can still help.

Would it be okay if we talk about some ways to make it better?

Do you think your friend understands the problem?

Can you think of some reasons they (… whatever they did to hurt your child’s feelings)?

Suggest they start by saying to their friend, “I need to talk about something that is important to me, and I’m uncomfortable about it. Is it okay if we talk about the problem?

ROLE PLAY – Suggest role playing the conversation. If you know what to expect, then you can be ready. Want to give it a try? “I can play you – and you play your friend.” This approach reduces the tension a little.

Try it a few times in a few different ways. Let them analyze what works best for them.