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As Elsa Says, “Let It Go!”

As Elsa Says, “Let It Go!”

Sometimes music helps us feel what we want to feel.

Explore with your child:

  • Some songs can help us feel something we want to feel. In the movie, Frozen, Elsa sings the song, “Let It Go!
  • What do you think Elsa is feeling when she sings that song? See if they understand that Elsa just wanted to be herself and that she had to be brave to do it.
  • Have you ever felt that same way – that you didn’t want to do what everyone wanted you to do? Finding the courage to be ourselves, to be proud of who we really are, is something we all have to do. And music can help us find that courage.
  • Share a song that helped you when things were tough. Sing it for them. Tell them how it helped. Consider, “Once there was a little ole ant – thought he’d move a rubber tree plant …
  • When we find a song that helps us, we like to play it over and over again. For a while kids everywhere were singing, “Let It Go!” because it made them feel good. They felt stronger.
  • Do you have songs that make you feel better?
  • Let’s ask (grandparents and other friends and family) about songs that helped them.

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