Art in Real Life

- Susan Adam

In the Beginning…

It took me a while to realize that not everyone saw the world as I did. Of course I’m a good actress. I act every day. I can act like a manager. Or a Sesame Street friend. Or act like I really enjoyed a cocktail party. Doesn’t everyone?
Every day in a thousand little ways I create an experience that is an expression of who I am. My colors. My music. Even my emails. It’s not fine art. It’s art in real life.
I set out to help parents, regardless of income, realize that power of art in their families’ lives. The more I researched the topic, the more convinced I became that art is not just present and integrated – but essential to being human. It helps us interpret our world and express ourselves within it.
So my focus broadened to what you now see in this website. Part celebration. Part exploration. An open dialogue.

A lifelong pursuit of the arts and education

A lifelong pursuit of the arts and education. A professional career, briefly in arts management, then in Organization Development in global companies. Focus was on corporate culture, communication and executive development. Clarity of message. Telling the stories. Performance – as a team.

Since I left the business world, I had the privilege of teaching in the formative years of The Blue School; hosted a monthly salon for women in theater; and am currently working with The Public Theater and Mark Morris Dance Group, bringing to bear the value of organization development.

More about my journey...

This website is dedicated to art in real life – particularly art in children’s lives. At the dinner table. In their cliques or their closets. Or on their iPhones. But mostly this is about how we adults use art everyday to bring our children into our community and culture. And how, ultimately, art helps our children define themselves. It’s all in the little things. The little moments when choices are made. By engaging our children in easy art-full conversations, over time, they can become agile at reading and responding to the world around them. They can embrace their uniqueness while feeling the pride of belonging. Navigating that duality is tough work. The arts can serve as their compass. This is just a beginning. There is much to explore. I hope you will join me.

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Art in Real Life:

Exploring the Role of Culture in everyday life

Parents and teachers use art everyday to bring children into our culture. Ultimately, art helps our children define themselves as individuals and as part of their communities. This site makes those art-full conversations easy. Go Check My Blog