Life Lessons
Across Generations

Young people are like magnets walking through their early lives collecting bits and pieces from their environments. A mealtime conversation here. An overheard joke there. Some pieces don’t fit well – but they stick just the same. Over time our extended families frame our habits and inform our sense of belonging. They send us off to school and beyond with a starter kit. What is in your starter kit – what were those idiosyncrasies that made you you?
It can be little things coming across generations that establish what we see as normal. Are little kids celebrated when they cling to older relatives or are they discouraged? Do they hear “I’m sorry” – even from grown-ups? What makes people laugh? Who gets ridiculed? Not lessons taught – but lessons lived.

Our Culture Sleuth Program will help you find generational threads woven into your family’s cloth

With a little preparation, your child can lead the way. It’s all about the questions – and making it feel safe and fun.

Conversations that get in touch with long ago. Imagine a conversation with Aunts and Grandmas about what being a girl meant way back then – and how those lessons may drive them still.

Or a conversation with Uncles and Grandpas about what being a boy meant back then …. I promise you, how they felt when they were young is in YOUR starter kit. Your magnet surely picked it up. We humans know that life is complex and we pick up clues …

It’s all about the questions

…questions that bring those players in our early lives back to the table to revisit THEIR early experiences. Questions that show interest and respect. Questions that expose how much alike we all are.

Kids make great sleuths. As a matter of fact, the sleuthing conversation is a reward in itself for older relatives. One on one time – with someone they love – and a chance to make a contribution to a project — well – you might have volunteers lining up.

As a parent you can be as involved – or as background – as you choose to be. You will be there to support them – to make it easy and fun until they can operate on their own. Later you can help them put their stories together – so they can give them back to the family.

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