Our brain-computer interfacing technology uses music to make people happy

Numerous studies have shown that listening to music leads to changes in activity in core brain networks known to underpin our experience of emotion. These networks include the deep brain areas such as the amygdala, cerebellum, and cingulate gyrus. But they also consist of cortical areas on the surface of the brain including the auditory cortex, posterior temporal cortex,… Read More >> 0 comments

The dancing species: how moving together in time helped make us human

Alternatively, a raft of sociological and anthropological explanations focus on community, asserting that dancing is one of the first means by which the earliest humans solidified strong social bonds irrespective of blood lines. In these accounts, dancing is eventually replaced by more rational and effective means of social bonding that the dancing itself makes possible, such… Read More >> 0 comments

How a mother’s voice shapes her baby’s developing brain

The answers to these questions remain unknown, but it is now scientifically proven that most of us carry a mother’s voice in the neural patterns of our brain: bedtime stories, dinnertime conversation and the chatter we heard before birth identify us, uniquely, as surely as the fingerprint, enabling emotional development and social communication in childhood… Read More >> 0 comments

Rufus Wainwright on Performing “Hallelujah” with Choir!ChoirChoir! at the 911 Memorial

What is it about these performances that you’ve done with Choir!Choir!Choir! that are so powerful? It’s a sense of community. Choir!Choir!Choir! offers people a very immediate, electric infusion with just the art of expressing yourself vocally. You know, it has been great to be a part of that with them momentarily. It’s a sense of… Read More >> 0 comments

Dance seems to be the ultimate frivolity. How did it become a human necessity?

Video. Every culture dances. Moving our bodies to music is ubiquitous throughout human history and across the globe. So why is this ostensibly frivolous act so fundamental to being human? The answer, it seems, is in our need for social cohesion – that vital glue that keeps societies from breaking apart despite interpersonal differences.

Firing Up the Neural Symphony

(I included this article because I so appreciate the orchestra metaphor. – SA) Scientists are racing to treat brain disabilities with electrical stimulation. Here’s a metaphor to help make sense of the progress. … An orchestra metaphor is a good place to start. A brain humming along well is a Mozart-like production, with many diverse,… Read More >> 0 comments