Bully Boot Camp

This can be a fun – and important – activity. As the leader, you can rally interest among your friends. Here are some considerations:

Maybe you would want to gather for a few hours one day. Or spend an hour a week? Perhaps you can decide with your friends.

Make a list of the kinds of bullying that is happening in your school. Be as specific as you can be.

Try to imagine all the reasons someone might be a bully.

Can you still be friends with someone who sometimes bullies other kids?

Make a list of all the possible things you could say. As a group, pick your favorites. There are a few rules to follow when deciding on the best response: 1) Don’t be mean back; 2) Save face for everyone; 3) Engage a grown up if it gets worse.

PRACTICE!! Divide into 2 groups. First group will play the bullies. Second group will be the people speaking up. Then act them out one at a time. If it doesn’t go well, work together to find a better way to respond. Then switch roles.

BULLY OLYMPICS (only if you feel ready!)
This will give you a chance to get faster and better and surer with your responses. Line up in 2 lines facing each other. The “bullies” say something mean to you and you have 15 seconds to respond. Then everyone moves down – and the next person in front of you says something mean. Again you have 15 seconds. Do this a few times, then switch roles. If it doesn’t go well, not to worry. It is a very difficult thing to do. You all might want to take a break and talk about ways to get better at it. Then try again.

If you and your friends then take a stand in the face of real bullying, you will have shown courage and you will make a difference. Bravo!