Art - Five Ways

Want to dive into the culture and science of music in our lives? Or fashion? Or storytelling? Or theater & rituals? Or visual arts? This section will help you spot it, interpret it and leverage it. Why does singing Happy Birthday reduce many of us to tears?

Our Cultural Identities

Who we are, in many ways, is defined by the groups with which we identify. Groups can be masterful at leveraging the arts to promote belonging and fidelity. Explore how we learn to fulfill the cultural expectations of our faith, gender, class and ethnicity using the five disciplines (music, storytelling, etc.)

Talking with our Children

Imagine arming our children with insights into the purpose and function of all the cultural messaging surrounding them. Conversation hints - not lessons - will help you connect and explore together the influences in their lives.

In the News

Articles from other new sources (standard media outlets and scientific postings) covering contemporary issues and activities with an Art in Real Life POV.