Parent Conversation Guides

Learning about art is learning about being human – about having and expressing feelings, connecting with friends, family and culture. Finding meaning in the everyday.

Our Parent Conversation Guides are designed to help parents leverage everyday moments as growing moments. As connecting moments. Each list of discussion prompts should be seen as a menu of possibilities, not as a script. As you read through the suggestions, you will get a sense of a topic or two that is appropriate for your child. Then later, when the situation presents itself, you can respond in the moment. In the flow. You can make it personal and age appropriate.

For parents of toddlers, we have identified age specific activities.

Here are a few engagement recommendations.

Learning Levels



We have defined three learning levels that are also fluid. They incorporate both cognitive development and social and emotional development. These, too, are intended as places to begin. Find what fits for your child. Or make whatever adjustments feel right to you.

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Conversation Guidelines


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